Raqqa Project

Documentation and protection of Cultural Heritage project in Raqqa city.

Heritage in Raqqa
Its importance for the locals

The strategic location of Raqqa has made it an attractive home for people since the beginning of humankind.

Project Funder

This project has been funded thanks to the generous support of the British Council’s Cultural Protection Fund

Project Partners Of Raqqa Project​​


The Institute Milà i Fontanals (IMF) was founded in 1968. It brought together several Spanish National Research Council institutes in subjects within the Humanities.




RehabiMed Association is an initiative that represents the ongoing experience of partnership between institutions and organizations in over 40 Euro-Mediterranean countries.


Heritage for Peace

Heritage for Peace (HfP) is a non-profit and politically neutral organization in Spain, whose mission is to support all Syrians in their efforts to protect and safeguard Syria’s cultural heritage at risk during the armed conflict.

Roya Organization

A civil society, non-profit, non-governmental organization to support developmental stability and support societal stability in accordance with the values ​​of humanitarian work and work to revive and protect heritage.