The Raqqa Digital Museum will serve as a space for expressing and preserving Raqqa’s tangible and intangible cultural heritage, which includes all practices, perceptions, forms of expression, knowledge, skills, and associated machines, pieces, artifacts, and artistic drawings inspired by cultural heritage, which groups and individuals consider part of their cultural heritage.

Project Funders

Baytna is a pioneer organization in supporting the Syrian civil society movement. It works to promote an inclusive and democratic future for all Syrians, laying the foundations for long-term stability throughout the country.

For You is a local,humanitarian, and non-governmental organization in Syria (Raqqa city). It works in the disaster risk management framework, building capabilities, and saving tangible and intangible heritage in Syria in general and especially in Raqqa city. It was founded on February 26th 2022, Raqqa city, Syria.

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